Smart Pet Feeder take care of  your loved one forever.

It is an automatic pet feeder that features 10 functions to feed and interact with your pet.

With this unit you can feed, talk and see your cat or dog from anywhere on your smartphone so if you are working or traveling you can check on your cat anytime and video /voice interact with your pet.

Also, you can program your pet’s feeding schedule from your smartphone and change it at anytime if needed.

The feeder registers and stores data in the cloud service about how much food your cat or dog ate over a week, showing you a report on your smartphone. Also,the unit suggest you a healthy feeding plan for your pet based on its eating behavior.

With a smart weight sensor unit register how much food is left in the feeder with a 2g margin error. With this information you know when it’s time to buy more food.The portions increases for ‘cups’and each ‘cup’is equal to 30gr.(approx. 1/4 US cup).

The unit has a special re-connection system that works in case of lost of signal so you don’t have to worry about re-connection your feeder. The device will keep working no matter what, even offline or during power outages.


• It dispenses from a minimum of approx 30g up to cups of food at a time.
• You can feed your pet as many times as you want daily 
• A patented technology prevents food from getting stuck in the feeder
• Interaction with Wifi: HD camera, high sensitive microphone, high DB speaker, real-time video and voice call.
• Smart light. You can remotely turn on the light of your feeder via APP. Good to use at night.
• Time & Quantity plan. You can program a feeding schedule according to your cat’s eating habits and needs.
• Accurate measurement. Weight sensor allows you to monitor how much food is left in the feeder, up to 2g error.

• Health Management  The feeder registers how much your cat ate within a week and it suggests you a healthy feeding plan. 

• Share your pet’s pictures or videos on social media and add family members or friends to minitor and take care of your pet as well.

Color: White & Black

Product Dimensions: :160mm(top)*240mm(bottom)*500mm(hight) 

Package size: 260*260*550 mmL*W*H )

N.W of Device: 3.5 KGS
G.W of CTN:  4.4 KGS
APP system : IOS &Android

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Standard package  

1×Pet automatic feeder deceive,1×food pallet, 1×Power Adaptor,1×User manual 



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