Pet Companion Robot makes your dog or cat never feels alone.

We see that most of our dogs or cats are living with lonely time during our working time and Please Imagine it- you're favorite loved one leaves you every day and you have no reason why. That's why we decided to change this common issue by inventing the  Pet Companion Robot. Anthouse is going to change the way owners and their pets interact. You're looking at a smart, app-controlled robot that allows pet owners to connect with their beloved pets no matter the location. The Anthouse has some pretty awesome features that will solve the predicament between Man's Best Friend and his or her dedicated caregivers. 

Anthouse pet companion can play with your dog or cat and makes your dog's life more interesting, here are some actions you can play with your dog via our pet companion robot such as : Record video, take photos, feed treats, play fetch, walkie-talkie mode, and more. Your dog is going to LOVE this!


• SMART APP WIFI CONTROL: The Anthouse is a smart-app controlled robot. From the smart-app (available for both Android and iOS), you can have full control of your robot, running all the functions from treat dispensing, speed control, video recording and more. Quickly and easily connect with your pet from anywhere.
• VIDEO GUARDIANSHIP: Wondering what your dog might be up to at home? Use the Anthouse camera to see live-stream video from your Anthouse robot to see and interact with your dog. Easily record and save or share videos. 
• TAKE PHOTOS: Even when you're not around, you can still capture those priceless moments of your pet. Easily take photos and save to your phone and share with your friends on your favorite social media.
• SPEED CONTROL: Set the Anthouse Robot to multiple speeds from your smart app following slow (turtle) to fast (rabbit) mode to keep your robot moving at the desired pace.
• WALKIE-TALKIE: Using the smart app, you can press on the Walkie-Talkie button to speak and project out your voice to your pet via the built-in speaker on the Anthouse robot.
• PLAY FETCH: The Anthouse has a mini-tennis ball launcher that allows you to play fetch with your dog. You can set how far you want the ball to launch, from 2.5 / 5 / 8 meters. 
• TREAT DISPENSER: Serve your dog treats remotely via one-touch automated treat dispensing. You can set the amount of servings you wish to dispense, from a small, medium, to large size servings.

WIRELESS AUTOMATED CHARGING: Anthouse is smart. Whenever the robots battery gets low it will automatically search for its wireless charging station and locate it for wireless charging of its battery.

• OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE: The Anthouse was built with a smart infrared system to detect any nearby objects and automatically redirect to avoid collision.

Material : ABS+PC 
Color : Yellow / White 
Product Dimension: 363×232×280MM 
Battery: 2500mAH/5000mAH/DC14.4V
Charing time: 4 Hours
Working time : 160-320Minutes
Weight: 6.2KG
Camera : 120 Degree 
WIFI Distance : 100M+
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Standard package  

1×Pet  Robot  deceive,1×Auto Charging Station, 3× Pet tennis balls ,1×Power Adaptor,1×User manual 



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